Nature’s ephemeral masterpieces

This week’s photo challenge holds so many possibilities. I thought about all the masterpieces I’ve witnessed around the globe – Grand architecture, magnificent paintings, splendid sculptures, breath-taking landscapes, sublime culinary creations, brilliant books, moving music… the choices were endless.

Then, yesterday I looked out of my window…

Sunset from my window

It got me thinking of the exquisite masterpieces painted in the sky, EVERY day, EVERY minute.

Think about it – even if you stood in the same place, at the same time every day, watching the sunset. Would any two sunset scenes ever look the same? Would the splash of radiant oranges, uplifting pinks and serene blues again juxtapose in an identical formation? And incredibly, it doesn’t stay constant for much longer than the blink of an eye… the delightful riot of colours transforms…from one unique work of art to another.

Ephemeral, yet eternal.

View 2

View 3

You don’t have to travel far to find some magic!