An unexpected weekend

There is nothing quite like going somewhere, not expecting much and then being delightfully surprised.

Even better, when what you otherwise would have been doing is undertaking soul-crushing (more of that for another post) search for rental apartments in the miserable Hong Kong rain.

Instead, you end up basking under the sun in beautiful early-spring weather, taking a ride on one of the best modes of public transportation, having close encounters with cute marsupials, catching (yet another) performance of Grease and discovering the “Venice” of the southern hemisphere!

That’s what happened with me last weekend, when I decided to accompany Hubby on a work trip, and combine a little pleasure with business.

More on the trip in another post.

In the meanwhile, here is my entry (pics from last weekend of course) for the Weekly photo challenge: An Unusual PoV.

Do you know where these are taken? And even if you don’t, do tell me which one’s your favorite!