Feel the Rush!

I happened to watch the absolutely superb movie, Rush, last night.

I must confess that I am not a fan of Formula 1, though I have been subjected to many a race – with Hubby dressed in his Ferrari t-shirt and cap, loudly cheering on his favourite team, and spouting statistics that I really don’t care about.

I still fall in that category of women (as James Hunt puts it in the movie) who think that going round and round in a car is just stupid.

What’s the big deal in that, compared to the thrill of, say jumping out of a plane?

It is, of course, a big deal.

In the early decades of racing, one of 24 racers who started a season would end up dead.

Only a certain kind of person would willingly take such a risk.

Thankfully, the sport is much safer now, due to technical improvements made to the cars over the years.

But it still takes tremendous skill and preparation to excel at.

So, have you ever dreamt of becoming a racing car driver?

Or, (like me), happen to be looking for a gift for a loved one, who just has this need for speed?

Then, as I discovered a few years back, a Formula 1 experience at the Racing School in UK may be the answer.

Conducted at the Three Sister’s track in Lancashire, the session involves a safety briefing, a drive around in a saloon car to familiarize with the track before drivers progress on to an Alfa Romeo, an Aston Martin, a Ferrari 360, a formula Ford car, a formula 3 car and finally, a Formula 1 car. At the end of the day you get a DVD of your drive, along with a certificate and some souvenirs. An overnight stay at a nearby hotel and meals are included.

F1 driving experience package – GBP 1,599

Look on Hubby’s face after having lived his dream – Priceless! 🙂