Say “rise up lights”

If you descend from Wyndham Street, past an unassuming doorway, down four flights of tattered crimson carpet-covered stairs… you’ll step into Le Boudoir – with its vintage wallpaper, opulent velvet sofas, gilded accessories and gorgeous lighting.

I usually go there for, what I am convinced, are the best chili martinis in HK – a sublime combination of vanilla vodka, lime juice, honey syrup, elderflower syrup and Thai red chili.

The 'Spicy Fifty'

And, after having recently witnessed the spectacle of rum, absinthe and white sugar being transformed into the “Lucy Star”… I’ll be looking forward to THAT show, every time henceforth.

The 'Lucky Star'

Oh BTW, just in case you were wondering about the title of the post… could you say it out loud for me, please? Say “Rise up lights”




You just said “razor blades” in Australian.


Hope that lit up your face (as it did for me, when I first heard this) 🙂