Wishing you a joyous 2014

For me, 2013 will be the year I discovered sunsets.

Or rather, had the time to just sit back and experience the joy of watching nature paint yet another of her masterpieces.

So there we were a few weeks back, racing towards the Kohala Coast in the Island of Hawai’i, so that I could capture another sunset with my camera lens.

As we turned on Highway 19, past Waimea, I asked A to pull off by the side of the road. I realized that we didn’t need to get to the beach – I was exactly where I needed to be.

After clicking a few shots, I turned back towards the car, and was rewarded with this.

More posts on Hawai’i to follow in the new year.

Till then, here’s wishing you the best for 2014.

May you get to where you need to be

Or set on the path thereto

But don’t forget to enjoy the journey

And take time to savour where you are

And, if you find yourself in rain or clouds,

May you remember that

You need to pass through clouds…


…To be above them

And that

Without rain…

Rainbow in Kauai

… there are no rainbows