Discovering PoHo and the best masala chai in Hong Kong

A short climb up from Hollywood Road in the Sheung Wan district, brings you to the charming neighbourhood of PoHo.

But it might as well be another world…Life here just seems to move more quietly, slowly and happily compared to the crazy city around it.

A relatively recently developed area, PoHo is now home to trendy boutiques, galleries and cafes. The perfect destination for experiencing HK at a different pace, while indulging in the favorite local pastimes of shopping, browsing and eating.

On a leisurely afternoon, I found myself at a lovely little tea shop called Teakha, nestled in the corner of Tai Ping Shan street.

The first item on their hand-written chalk board menu was masala chai.

If you follow my blog, then you might know about my obsession with masala chai, and general disdain for the concoctions served in most coffee shops. But since the menu said “masala chai” and not “masala tea” or (worse) “chai tea” or (yikes) “chai tea latte”, I decided to give it a try. Imagine my joy on being served a delightfully aromatic brew, with just the right mix of ginger, spices, sugar and milk. Certainly the best I’ve had in Hong Kong! Oh, and their cream cheese and sweet potato muffin was a winner too (seeing as how I wolfed it down before I thought of pausing for taking a photo).

Masala Chai

I believe a lot of such gems are to be discovered in this neighbourhood… so I shall certainly be back for more 🙂

P.S. And in case you are wondering about the colourful knittings on the handrails in one of the photos above, check out a profile of the yarn bomber here.