Reflections from Nan Lian and Chi Lin

Nan Lian Garden - Waterfall

I was compelled to take my camera out and shoot some pictures specifically for this week’s Photo Challenge, since the theme was provided by Ben… And because I love a play on words.

There is no dearth of hiking trails and lesser-known nooks in Hong Kong, where you can spend time in quiet contemplation, whilst marveling at stunning yet serene natural vistas.

However, today I’ll take you to a man-made place – The Nan Lian Garden and Chi Lin Nunnery.

The riot of colours amidst lush greenery, the chirping birds, the fragrant plants and the gurgling waterfalls… start soothing the senses as soon as you walk in to the gardens.

Then, as you ascend up to the Buddhist nunnery, the soft chanting and the aroma of burning incense fill you with a feeling of absolute peace.

In this tranquil oasis, the weight and worries of the urban jungle seem far away… perfect for a moment (or several) of reflection.