A walk along La Seine

A long stroll, interspersed with a leisurely picnic along the picturesque banks of the Seine, had been my idea of a perfect day in Paris.

One, that I had been planning, since our last visit in 2005.

Like countless others, we’d left the city with a promise of ‘we’ll be back’.

It just took longer than we’d imagined.

But, during our visit this May, we were met with mostly cold, rainy and windy weather. The words of a lady running an art shop in Le Marais, summed it up effectively – “It is spring, but not in Paree”.

Plans of a romantic picnic lunch with A, were therefore, torn asunder.

However, it did stop raining late in the evening, and it was still bright enough for a walk after our wine and cheese tasting class. Banks of Siene   We reached Pont des Arts…and I confess to giving in to the allure of “love locks”

Crossing over to the Left Bank Siene Left Bank   Past Musee D’ Orsay

And back across over Pont Alexandre III

Witnessing the sky changing colours from bright blue to yellow to orange to pink, and back to a mellow blue.

Spring or no spring… Pretty close to perfection, don’t you think?

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P.P.S. You might know that earlier this week a part of the fencing of Pont des Arts collapsed under the weight of these heavy locks. So I definitely am NOT proud of giving in to the silly lock tradition! Well, you live  and you learn.