Monthly Archive: September, 2014

(Wk 10) Joy is…

… Achieving the (near) impossible!

Bangalore, India

(Wk 9) Joy is…

… to dance like no one’s watching!

8 Things to do in Dublin

There are 12 Dublins in the United States and 6 in Australia. To avoid any confusion, I’m talking about the one in Ireland 😉

Here are my picks of favourite experiences from the quirky, fun and friendly city; along with some interesting facts.

(Wk 8) Joy is…

… Watching a spectacular sunset

HK Island, Hong Kong

Must-try Indian restaurants in London

The thing I absolutely adore about London is the availability of good Indian food at any price point.

Sure, not every curry house dotting the city makes the cut. But do some research, and you’ll find a plethora of good choices to suit any and every budget and mood.

(Wk 7) Joy is…

…A private moment by the sea, with someone special

Mumbai, India

(Wk 6) Joy is…

…Climbing walls with your brother 🙂

Dublin, Ireland