Monthly Archive: January, 2015

(Wk 26) Joy is…

… Feeling loved!

Sydney, Australia

(Wk 25) Joy is…

… Realizing that there is lots to discover in your own city!

Shek O headland, Hong Kong

A culinary journey through the streets of Delhi

Delhi’s tales are told, very eloquently, by its street food. Listen, and there are several insights to be gleaned about the city’s history and sociology.
But intellectual pursuits aside, a visit to Delhi is not complete without sampling its street-side fare, for one simple reason – it is ABSOLUTELY scrumptious!

Udaipur: Of love, loyalty and treachery

The gallantry of a patriotic father brought to nought by the cowardice of his son… or the delusions of an egomaniacal ruler, quietly discarded by his pragmatic successors?

However you may choose to see the course of its history, one thing is for certain – Udaipur is a charming place.

(Wk 24) Joy is…

…A picnic in the sun!

Tai Tam Country Park, Hong Kong