Life lessons from photography – #2

I accepted the 5-story challenge from Indah and Yvette, with a resolve to post 5 photos, 5 stories related to them, and 5 personal life lessons that I’ve learnt thanks to photography.

Without further ado, here goes Day 2…


The Photo

Maui Rainbow

I clicked this in Maui, Hawaii. My camera didn’t have a wide enough angle to capture the whole rainbow, but I love how the land is sparkling as the light slowly conquers the dull greyness.


The Story

Mr. A and I were driving from Wailea to Lahaina, in a bit of a hurry. Thanks to traffic and rain, we were running late for the Old Lahaina Luau, which we didn’t want to miss, given its reputation as one of the best in Maui.

As the rain abated, we were still caught in some slow bumper to bumper traffic. I looked out of the car window… the sun was peering through the clouds and the biggest rainbow I’d ever seen had appeared on the horizon.

In the expansive landscape, the complete arch of the rainbow was visible, stretching from one end to another, tempting me to attempt chasing its end.

Forgetting all about the luau, I got Mr. A to pull over, to try and capture the magical sight. The photos don’t do it justice, but that’s besides the point.

Incidentally, we did make it to the luau on time. Turns out, the rave reviews were wrong – the food, the drinks and the entertainment were all quite ordinary.

Fortunately for us though, we had already witnessed the extraordinary.


The Lesson

They say that the doing is more important than the outcome.

But with our focus on the destination, it is so easy to completely lose sight of the beauty along the way.

So, wherever you are going, don’t forget to enjoy the journey. Stop, and smell the roses. Look around and savour were you are.

For all you know, you might just find that – in THAT moment, you are exactly where you need to be.



P.S. My nomination today goes to Ben of Flights, Camera, Satisfaction, whose been bitten by the travel and photography bugs, pretty much like me 🙂