Want-to-visit-every-corner-of-the-word-Travelaholic. Spreadsheet-loving-Geek. Wouldn’t-believe-it-if-you-saw-me-Foodie. Cannot-help-but-move-to-music-Dancer. Aspiring-to-improve-Photography enthusiast. Incorrigible-Procrastinator. Obsessive-Perfectionist. Diehard-Feminist. Trying-to-be-a-better-Human Being.

On this blog, I share photos, experiences, impressions and random musings, as well as reviews & recommendations of restaurants, hotels, things to do, etc. – from my travels or in the course of exploring the city that I currently call home (the wonderfully crazy, Hong Kong).

In the past, I’ve lived in India (Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai), USA (Richmond) and Singapore. A part of me still lives in these places… and a part of each, lives in me.

I travel with my better half “A”/ “Hubby”, whom you’ll hear about a lot on these pages. As much as we differ on most other things (get a sampling here), thankfully we have the same traveling style and are not make-long-lists-of-everything-to-see-and-check-it-off types. Last-minute planners, who like to take it as it comes…and absolutely LOVE unstructured driving vacations.

Hopefully, some of the suggestions might be useful for others like us (who don’t have the time to pour through lengthy travel guides), perhaps some of the musings resonate, or maybe some of the stories bring a smile to your face!

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