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Mumbai at a different pace

Visiting other lands and learning about different peoples, histories, cultures, cuisines, etc. is indeed a rewarding experience.

But sometimes, playing tourist in your own city, can be equally enthralling.

Poetry at Fatehpur Sikri

When a little boy compares you to Katrina Kaif… however insincere… the comment is sure to improve your day.

Of Agra Fort and the right incentives

A great guide helped transport us back to an era of grandeur and opulence… and also betrayal and bloodshed.

The magical Taj Mahal

The Taj Mahal is recognized globally as an icon of splendour and eternal love. Surely, it’s magic would be even greater under the moonlight. Here are some tips for visiting the “crown of palaces” at night.


An audio-visual journey through the history of Delhi is the perfect way to discover (or re-discover) the charm of this city.

In search of the Royal Bengal Tiger

Adventures in Kanha, Madhya Pradesh.