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Friends, fiction and balderdash!

“A discombobulate orgiophant who collops a lollygag is certainly smellfungus.”
Combine friends, fiction and balderdash, and hilarity is sure to ensue.

Dragon’s Back and lessons on what NOT to do when hiking in Hong Kong

Stunning views for relatively low effort – Dragon’s Back is a must-do hike in Hong Kong.

Say “rise up lights”

Descend from Wyndham Street, past an unassuming doorway, down four flights of tattered crimson carpet-covered stairs… for the best Chili Martinis in Hong Kong.

10 things I hate about traveling

“Most of travel is the best of all in the anticipation or the remembering; the reality has more to do with losing your luggage” – Regina Nadelson

(Mis)Adventures of Yin & Yang: Tandem Kayaking in Bio Bay

So… Hubby and I were in San Juan and decided to try tandem kayaking.

Bhutan: Happiness is a place!

The little Kingdom of Bhutan, lying to the north-east of India, is amongst the most memorable places I have visited

Degrees of separation

Sometimes you may be speaking the same language, but still not be speaking the same language…

The curious case of the Canadian crab

Imagine… almost half way through the dinner, when you have already devoured half the quantity of food and most of the wine on the table, for someone to point to a plate which is set right in front of you, and make the observation “it’s still moving”!

My love-hate relationship with Japanese toilets

One look at their commodes should be enough to convince you that the Japanese have truly achieved a level of evolution surpassing the rest of the world.