Just a regular backpack

A tale about prejudices.

Breathtaking Iguazu

Tips for visiting the majestic Iguassu Falls.

The Golden Hour in HK (and places to enjoy the views)

My favourite spots to enjoy the “best skyline in the world”.

Knock, knock, knockin on heaven’s door

What’s it like, to jump out of a plane?!

In search of the Royal Bengal Tiger

Adventures in Kanha, Madhya Pradesh.

Bhutan: Happiness is a place!

The little Kingdom of Bhutan, lying to the north-east of India, is amongst the most memorable places I have visited

Images from Athens

Photographs from the birthplace of democracy.

Many gelati, two pizzas and a coffee

Culinary adventures in Rome.

More on the Greek gourmet journey…

Desserts and a restaurant recommendation.

The kindness of strangers

A hot day, a warm-hearted stranger and a cool chain

Roma, part due: Some photos

It seems there are new treasures to discover with each visit to Rome. You can never say you have spread your arms and grabbed it all. It doesn’t fit. But that’s the beauty of it. There is always something to come back for.

Chasing sunsets in Santorini

My tips for the biggest tourist obsession in Santorini!