Vibrant & quirky Dublin

Some images from the incredibly lively and fun, capital of Ireland.

Mumbai at a different pace

Visiting other lands and learning about different peoples, histories, cultures, cuisines, etc. is indeed a rewarding experience.

But sometimes, playing tourist in your own city, can be equally enthralling.

(Wk 3) Joy is…

… chasing giant bubbles!

Barcelona, Spain

A glorious summer’s day in London

The thing I love about London is its multi-faceted personality – how it encapsulates all that is charming about capital cities and everything that is exciting about financial centres. It is the epitome of a global city – with history, architecture, culture, art, fashion, cuisine and entertainment, spanning a range as wide and varied as the erstwhile British Empire.

London has something for everyone.

(Wk 2) Joy is…

… spending time with old friends

Granada, Spain

Top 5 favourite destinations

I was recently invited to share my list of top 5 favourite destinations by “ – Top Destinations to Go There”.
And tough as it was, I’ve managed to whittle down the list.

Arzak: Of excellence and humility

Lovely decor, flawless service and sublime food.
Arzak, by father-daughter duo Juan Mari Arzak and Elena Arzak Espina, passed with flying colours on all counts.

(Wk 1) Joy is…

…A mid-afternoon nap in the sun

Dublin, Ireland

TST promenade in abstract

Abstract photographs use patterns, shapes, textures and colours, to create interest to draw in a viewer and are all about creativity rather than rules.
Here are some, from TST Promenade.

7 reasons to love Granada

From the gorgeous Alhambra to the picturesque Albayzin district, from free tapas to Moroccon delights… there are a lot of reasons to love Granada

Michelin starring through Paris

If I had my way, we’d be celebrating every birthday, anniversary, or any other special event or non-event, with a French meal. So it was only to be expected that a week in Paris was going to be a gastronomic overload. Here’s my take on three Michelin-starred joints in the city…

Poetry at Fatehpur Sikri

When a little boy compares you to Katrina Kaif… however insincere… the comment is sure to improve your day.