Monthly Archive: June, 2013

Degrees of separation

Sometimes you may be speaking the same language, but still not be speaking the same language…

The befriend-ers in Beijing

Conversations not had, insights not learnt, experiences not lived, people not helped, connections not made…. simply because of a suspicion of strangers.

The curious case of the Canadian crab

Imagine… almost half way through the dinner, when you have already devoured half the quantity of food and most of the wine on the table, for someone to point to a plate which is set right in front of you, and make the observation “it’s still moving”!

My love-hate relationship with Japanese toilets

One look at their commodes should be enough to convince you that the Japanese have truly achieved a level of evolution surpassing the rest of the world.

Last Minute Hotel Bookings

I found this NYT article, on various apps that could help find a good deal on a hotel ON the day of travel itself.

Ah Italy!

Tips for planning a vacation to Italy and Things to do

The 30-day challenge

So here I am, starting a 30 day challenge to post an entry on this blog, everyday for the next 30 days. And then, go on from there.