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A meal full of surprises: Progressive Indian at Gaggan

I was pleasantly surprised when I came across the name of Gaggan – a Bangkok restaurant serving “Indian food reinvented with modern techniques”, which debuted at No. 17 on the Pellegrino World’s 50 Best restaurants list; and promptly marked it off as a bucket-list must-do.

Rounding up the French Michelin star trail in HK

Review of Spoon, by Alain Ducasse at The Intercontinental, TST.

Discovering PoHo and the best masala chai in Hong Kong

Life in PoHo just seems to move more quietly, slowly and happily compared to the crazy city around it.

The Hong Kong Foodie tasting tour

Two Indians joined a motley crew consisting of tourists from Canada, Sweden, America and France, to delve into the local cuisine of Hong Kong.

Say “rise up lights”

Descend from Wyndham Street, past an unassuming doorway, down four flights of tattered crimson carpet-covered stairs… for the best Chili Martinis in Hong Kong.

A cuppa, my way

Mom’s recipe for the perfect cup of masala chai.

A journey across the Michelin starred French restaurants in HK

A quest to sample all the Michelin-starred French restaurants (2010) in HK island.

A Sunday in Sai Kung

Celebrate a long hike (or simply some good weather) with a fantastic meal at Chuen Kee Seafood restaurant in Sai Kung.

A taste of Mumbai: Maharashtrian Prawn Curry

For some reason, Maharashtrian cuisine is not widely found in ‘Indian’ restaurants across the globe. They tend to favour dishes from the northern or southern states of India, while the likes of sabudana vadas, kandat le sode, paplet kalvan, etc. are hard to come by.

Da Ping Huo: Awesome Sichuan cuisine in Hong Kong

It may not be “100% authentic”. But is is darned good!

The curious case of the Canadian crab

Imagine… almost half way through the dinner, when you have already devoured half the quantity of food and most of the wine on the table, for someone to point to a plate which is set right in front of you, and make the observation “it’s still moving”!